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Dave Ramsey Principles:

Saving For Emergencies

Saving For Purchases

Saving for Wealth Building

You Need A Plan

The Baby Steps:
7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Dave Ramsey, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and best-selling author. Pioneer of “The Baby Steps”, helping every-day Americans achieve financial fitness. If you’re on this page, you have probably heard of him and his financial advice and strategies likely resonated with you.

It resonated with us too. So we partnered with Dave Ramsey in an oath to help his audience achieve their financial goals. Everything is easier said than done- we’ll be your guide as you navigate your way to freedom.

No matter what step you’re on, we’ll be there along the way to build and protect your wealth.

Cash Flow Planning & Budgeting:

The heartbeat of financial freedom.

Managed money goes farther than unmanaged money. We’ll help you take the reigns on where your money is going, how to reduce the amount going out and where to direct the money that you are saving. You can accomplish anything financially if you plan for it, we’ll help you craft your plan.

“In order to win with money, you must spend all of your money on paper, on purpose-before the month begins. That’s called a budget.”

-Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money, Cash Flow Planning

Dumping Debt:

Learning to live within our means.

Managing debt can be stressful and difficult, especially if it has been something you’ve been carrying for a long time. 

With advisors helping you keep your “gazelle” focus, you’ll be well on your way to getting and staying out of debt. With the right plan, we’ll find ways to reduce expenses, increase debt payments and start building your wealth faster. 

Insurance & Protection:

Be confident amidst the unknown.

Are you covered for accidents, emergencies and tragedies? Dave Ramsey and his team advise seven key areas of insurance and protection:

  1. Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance

  2. Auto Insurance

  3. Health Insurance

  4. Disability Insurance

  5. Long-Term Care (if sixty or over)

  6. Identity Theft

  7. Life Insurance

There’s a lot to know about insurance and balancing the costs of premiums and deductibles. Meet with our un-affiliated advisors to talk about the best solutions for your current situation and stage of life. 

Family & Retirement:

Enjoying the fruits of our labor.

You’ve made it out of debt and now you’re doubling down on saving for your family life and for your retirement. We all know how Dave Ramsey feels about college tuition, but in case you’re needing a reminder, here are the “Four Nevers of College Funding“:

  1. Never Use Student Loans

  2. Never Use Insurance As A Savings Plan

  3. Never Use Savings Bonds

  4. Never Use Prepaid Tuition

As far as retirement goes, Dave says you should be saving 15% prior to saving for any college funds! If you’re not saving 15% of your household income for retirement, talk to us about how you can get there.

Ready to be free?

As a SmartVestor Pro, we’ll help you accomplish your financial goals using Dave Ramsey’s financial principles, insights and advice combined with our unique opportunities and experience.


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