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Our Story

What We Do & How We Got Here

Bauer Wealth is a next-generation advisory firm with decades of human experience and virtual capabilities. Our custom algorithms bring a revolutionary hybrid approach to investing! Our proprietary Algorithmic Virtual Advisor™ technology, manages your investments by assessing the market. When stock markets do well, we take more risk, and when the markets start to go down, volatility increases, and momentum to the downside escalates, we build hedges into your portfolio. We don’t try to beat the market, we are playing hand in hand with it! We devised a system where we can outperform markets over a full economic cycle while taking on a lot less risk.

Our company is all about transparency! Bauer Wealth is held to a fiduciary standard, which means, our firm requires that a financial adviser act solely in the client’s best interest when offering personalized financial advice, while also being 100% transparent. We value our relationships and loyalty with all of our clients and are fully committed to putting their interests far above our own.


Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Here at Bauer Wealth, our mission is plain and simple: to invest wisely to help you make money! Not by blindly taking on risk or lining our pockets with hidden fees, but by hearing about your financial goals. We’ll apply our advanced algorithms and decades of experience to strategically invest money where we know it will grow. We manage the risk, you invest with confidence.

Fee Transparency

  • No hidden fees. That’s it. You see every single fee we’ll charge right up front, from management fees to the cost of a wire transfer.
  • The Bauer Wealth Management model uses Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) rather than Mutual Funds because they typically allow diversification at a lower cost. Plus, you’ll have low expense ratios, no short-term redemption fees, no investment minimums, and lower taxes on your gains.

Investment Growth & Protection

  • We make the bull and the bear work for you. That means AVA™, our proprietary Algorithmic Virtual Advisor™ technology, manages your investments by calculating underlying changes and volatility on a daily basis.  AVA™ constantly monitors market conditions and triggers automated hedge positions to help limit loss when market changes are rising and it senses a downturn. We believe limiting losses during a market cycle downturn is the way you build wealth over time.
  • It’s nerdy stuff, but it’s cutting-edge and it works.

Bauer Wealth Management Responsibility

  • We’re leveling the playing field by giving you access to tools historically reserved for the 1%. It means making a bigger community impact with whatever amount you have.
  • Socially responsible investing (SRI) is not just a trendy investment concept – at Bauer Wealth Management, altruism is in our DNA.

say hello to the Experts


This group of renegades is disrupting the investment industry by bringing services previously only available to the wealthy, to everybody.

Dan Bauer

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Dan Bauer is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Bauer Wealth Management. With 23 years on Wall Street and 20 years of portfolio management experience he brings an intimate understanding of portfolio management and all inclusive wealth management.

Having spent the vast majority of his career focused on high net-worth individuals, foundations and endowments his understanding of risk controlled investing and goal oriented planning is superb. Dan is a Colorado native where he and his five wonderful daughters, Lauren, Elizabeth, Madison, Alexis and Katelynn love being outside enjoying all Colorado has to offer.

Stephen Heitzmann

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Heitzmann, MSF, CRPC® is an investment advisor, blogger, and avid sports enthusiast. He was a Co-founder and CEO of Altruistic Investing LLC until its acquisition by Bauer Wealth Management, Inc in 2019. Stephen became CEO of Bauer Wealth in 2020.

Stephen believes in empowering others and changing the way people think about investing. He believes that properly managing risk and thoughtful financial planning will give people back their most important non-renewable asset, time. This advice and subsequent peace of mind should be available to all investors. He brings strong character values, has many years of financial services experience to write about and share, and has been mentioned in financial publications. Stephen holds a B.A. in Economics and a Masters in Finance. He and his wife Chelsea live in Colorado Springs, CO where they enjoy many outdoor adventures from skiing fresh powder to playing competitive sports and climbing the Rocky Mountains.

Joe Breakey

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

Joe Breakey is the co-founder of Altruistic Investing LLC and serves on the Board of Directors and Executive staff. An entrepreneur and investor from an early age, Joe has over 30 years of executive experience building and growing Fintech companies including one public and one private exit.

Joe embraces the core values of integrity, innovation and growth and has built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models and building strong partner relationships.

Chris Franz

Chief Strategy Officer

Chris has over 20 years of experience in building and scaling high technology, high growth companies. Chris has founded more than 10 startups focusing on emerging technology, data analytics, SaaS software and data center systems. He has built companies funded by Venture Capital, Angel Capital and Bootstrapping. He is a respected mentor, board member and leader of the startup movement in Colorado.

Margaret Breakey


Margaret has been in the technology business for over 25 years holding executive CFO and COO positions. She has been a catalyst of 4 successful acquisitions. She assists and negotiates with VCs and major corporations at all stages of pre and post-acquisition. In her last position as CFO, she was an integral part of the executive team responsible for the successful turnaround of an annuity software company. In her free time; Margaret enjoys biking, hiking, and golfing. 


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